A Day in the Life

I'm not a morning person (which, according to all the blogs and articles is not a good thing!) so I sleep in a little. But, when I wake up around 8 or 9 I spend time praying and doing some light reading. Then, I make a list of everything I have to do to help keep me focused throughout the day.

If it's a Monday, the first thing I do is download the photos from events over the weekend and email the links to my clients. While they download, I grab some breakfast. Then, I write some thank you cards to the client and their planners and drop them in the mailbox.


Next, I respond to my emails, usually from existing clients or incoming client inquiries. 


Lunchtime! I'll either make something or do a Chic Fil A. (No they're not endorsing me, I'm just obsessed.) I'll come home, throw on some NetFlix and design some photo strips for the upcoming events.

Since afternoon is when most clients are available (since they're at lunch too) I'll contact them to confirm the details of their upcoming event that weekend. (Always better to double-check everything!)

About once a week I also do an inventory check to make sure I have paper and ink, scrapbooks, and other items. If I'm low, I'll reorder.



I try to keep a work-life balance and reserve the evening to spend time with my family (and cats). I'll watch some tv and put my work cell phone on silent so I can be "present" with my family.


Since I'm more of a night owl, around 9 or 10 PM is when I focus more on my social media accounts. Compiling photos I've taken at events, scrolling through client online galleries, and creating posts for social media. I might also tweak some areas on my website, Wedding Wire, Thumbtack or The Knot.


I'll also respond to any inquiries or emails that came through since the afternoon.