Typical Franchisees

These franchisees may keep their full-time jobs to start but are looking to start their own business full time. They put in extra hours after work and on weekends. They may have started with one or two units, and will slowly grow to a staff of 3 or 4 Client Event Reps who do events on their own. They enjoy the work/life balance and residual income and will one day step out and run their business full-time.

The Entrepreneur

We are Family

(get up everybody and sing!)

These owner-operators are typically married, siblings or parents and adult children who are looking to earn extra income for their futures. One or both owners may work full or part-time, with both running the business. One may excel in sales and client services while the other might love interacting with clients at events.

Lucrative Hobbist

This is how we started- wanting to save a few thousand to take a dream vacation. Then we thought it'd be nice to have hardwood floors. Then we decided to grow our business bigger, the "Lucrative Hobbist" may just want some easy additional income to fund home projects, pay for school, or have a lucrative hobby and that's okay too!